Frequent Locations

By no means are these the only locations for your session- this is just a short list of locations I frequently shoot at to show you how they look at different times of the year.

If you want to shoot at another location, I would absolutely love the chance to add it to my list!

Bidwell Park (Lower):
Chico, CA
Bidwell Park (Upper):
Chico, CA
Bishop's Pumpkin Farm:
Chico, CA     (Not open year-round)
Chico Bike Path:
Chico, CA
Chico State Campus:
Chico, CA
Chico State Farm:
Chico, CA     (Blossoms only last 2-4 weeks)
Downtown Chico:
Chico, CA
Paradise Lake:
Magalia, CA
Table Mountain:
Cherokee, CA


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